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Fotografía de conservación y storytelling

Mi trabajo fotográfico intenta acercar al público aspectos de la naturaleza que muchas veces son poco conocidos, pero aun así resultan asombrosos.
Trato con mis imágenes de generar un vínculo entre ciencia/conocimiento y comunidad. Apasionada por la historia natural y la evolución intento aportar por lo general un contenido narrativo cuando comparto mis imágenes en las redes sociales, con el objetivo de generar empatía con el mundo natural y en especial con las especies que resultan menos simpáticas para la gente.
Considero que el poder de las imágenes puede ser usado como herramienta para la Conservación de la naturaleza, sensibilizando y acercando a la sociedad las problemáticas ambientales que estamos atravesando como humanidad. La fotografía de conservación se trata de interpretar el mundo natural: crear conexiones emocionales e intelectuales entre las personas y los diferentes organismos que habitan nuestro planeta tierra de manera que puedan cambiar actitudes y comportamientos hacia el mundo natural
Todas mis fotografías están realizadas en la naturaleza en condiciones naturales y en la mayoría de los casos sin manipulación de los individuos.

Spiders – Amazing World of Eight legged Animals – Paws Trails

I enjoy photographing spiders. However, spiders usually produce an revulsion in most people, but if we start to know them a little more, surely our perception of these living beings will be slowly replaced by respect and admiration. Spiders belong to the subphylum Chelicerata. They are characterized by having four pairs of legs –

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The Hoppers – Paws Trails Explorers

Hoppers are a fascinating group of minute insects that have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The hoppers belong to the Hemiptera Order, and common names include tree hoppers, plant hoppers, leaf hoppers, cicadas, and true bugs. Most species of hoppers are great jumpers, and almost all are terrestrial and feed on

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Glass Frogs – Paws Trails Explorers

Charismatic and enigmatic, the glass frogs (Centrolenidae) are one of the highlights when you visit the rainforest of Central and South America. They have an amazing characteristic; a translucent skin that makes their insides visible. Simply looking through their underbelly gives a view of their intestines, lungs, and sometimes even their beating heart. Most

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Macroworld – Free Webinar – Paws Trails Explorers

The topic of our upcoming free webinar series is "Macro World of South America", presented by Cynthia Bandurek, a naturalist and an ecologist who is madly in love with the small insect world. South America consists of a huge variety of unique species arguably the most varied on earth. It is a paradise for

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Conservación de artrópodos – Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

Arthropods are declining in abundance, biomass, and biodiversity worldwide. There is data and anecdotal evidence reflecting the declining of several species or group of species, but the global decline is still unquantified. There are several reasons why arthropods are declining: * Habitat loss * Pollution by synthetic pesticides * Industrial pollution * Light and

Nature First – Argentina Photo Nature

Nature First, The alliance for resposible nature photography Nature First is built on seven core principles that help communicate how each of us can enjoy nature photography responsibly. The Seven Principles of Nature First Photography were developed to help educate and guide both professional and recreational photographers in sustainable, minimal impact practices that will

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The Nature Trails – Exposición Fotográfica

The Nature Trails. I am happy to be a part of the group photography exhibition "The Nature Trails" organized by Paws Trails in association with NAT Institute, Snap Coaches and OFB. This digital exhibition will display 22 nature photographs showcasing 22 visions for 1 mission, to spread awareness. With regards to the event there

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Nature First Fotografía

Nature First is an international organization which aims to promote the responsible nature photography. The primary goal of Nature First is to be an advocate for the 7 Principles and educate nature photographers, and all visitors to nature, about responsible behavior. Help conserve the places we love and photograph through wise use, education,

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NATChat - Artropodos y su rol en nuestros ecosistemas por Cynthia Bandurek

NATChat introduces Cynthia Bandurek, a naturalist and an ecologist who works closely with Paws Trails as a Contributing Editor - South America. Cynthia talks about her views on the important role of arthropods in our ecosystem. 40% of the insect species are in threat and the reason is again we humans and our greed.

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Conservación - Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

For the Volume 22, of Paws Trails Magazine, I have the honor to write the editorial, and present an article about the critical situation amphibians are facing worldwide, illustrated with the photos I was abe to take in Ecuador in July 2019. You can enjoy all the amazing content in the following link: http://www.pawstrails.com/magazine/editions/edition-22/

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Día Mundial de la Biodiversidad - Exposición grupal en Vancouver. Canadá

World Wildlife Day - A group wildlife photography exhibition. Vancouver. Canada! . 20 images showcasing 20 visions from around our planet on display. . If we can utilize our skills for the betterment of Mother Nature, why not? . We invite you to join us at 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM the 3rd of

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Diario de Viaje - Revista Paws Trails Explorers

Today is online the 20th edition of Paws Trails Explorers. And in this number we published an article about my incredible solo trip for Ecuador within its amazing rainforest, Chocó and Amazonian. An unforgetable trip photographing its biodiversity but also knowing its people and its culture from inside. Ecuador again thanks for giving me

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Her Views and Visuals – Revista Paws Trails Exploreres

Cynthia Bandurek is an Argentinian Biologist (Ecology), Field Naturalist, Nature photographer and wildlife artist. Cynthia is PT Explorers’ Contributing Editor for South America https://cynthiabandurek.com https://www.instagram.com/ cynthiabandurek_artphotography/ How did your interest for wildlife arise? I think the interest in wildlife is innate in me. Since I can remember, I felt attracted to nature and I

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Nota del editor para la Revista Paws Trails Explorers

As a woman involved in conservation projects and nature photography for more than a decade, I have the honor to present this issue of PT Explorers magazine. This issue is dedicated to the special women, who in their special ways contribute to environmental awareness and wildlife conservation. The articles in this edition are but

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Haciendo visible lo invisible - Charla en el Encuentro Internacional de Fotógrafos de Naturaleza - Formosa - Argentina

In august I will be giving a talk about my job as a macrophotographer, joining my main profession as a Biologist (ecology) and field naturalist with one of my passion: photography. Using it as a tool for nature conservation. In Formosa Province: Bañado la Estrella in the International Nature Photographers Encounter. 2019 August 15

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¡Costa Rica a través de los ojos de una naturalista! por Cynthia Bandurek

Cynthia is an Argentinian biologist, wildlife artist, and nature photographer. In February and March 2018 she visited Costa Rica for 32 days exploring and photographing in private nature reserves, wildlife refuges and five locations of a National Park. Cynthia is a Contributing Editor of PT Explorers. As a naturalist and lover of biodiversity, I

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Presentación del Libro

Presentation Of  the Book “The world of the small” in The José Hernández Folk Art Museum. THE WORLD OF SMALL: An approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual, and evolutionary perspective. © By Cynthia Bandurek Survival in the natural world has always proved to be a complex task, generating enormous creative

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Los primeros años. Cynthia Bandurek – Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

“Cynthia Bandurek, someone who combines art, science and esthetics. Ecologist and field naturalist, Cynthia has since seven years ago devoted herself to capturing nature with a particular sensitivity through her photographs and paintings, thus bringing the public closer to little known and yet astounding aspects. She has obtained more than 4000 images imbued with a

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Video Conferencia - FIF Puebla – México

In 2016 I was invited to participate in the II International Puebla Photography Festival in Mexico (Puebla), offering a video conference, whose objective was on the one hand to present my work, with the common thread of the importance of the image and photography as a tool To raise awareness about environmental issues and the valuation

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The world of small

El Mundo de lo pequeño, es un libro donde vas a poder descubrir algunas de las adaptaciones y comportamientos más increíbles del mundo natural. A través de impactantes imágenes de estos pequeños animales con los que compartimos el planeta y textos donde podrás descubrir que muchas de las innovaciones humanas ya existían en la naturaleza.
240 páginas, 170 imágenes, 2 idiomas (Inglés/Español)