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Adventures through the magical forest of Ecuador. Part 1

Changing my mindset!! In my last story I decided to start from the beginning, but now I want to write about my last adventure through the jungles of Ecuador, because the sensations and emotions are still alive! I spent a lot of time of my life thinking that several things weren't for me, because I couldn't afford them. But one day my mind made a switch, and I began to think that “I have to find a way to make my dreams come true”, and

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Tales from the jungle. The begining

I was thinking what would be, the first story in this new section on my website dedicated to sharing my experiences and the “behind the scenes” in the wild but also sharing my knowledge about the natural world. I have a lot of stories from my last adventures exploring the tropical rainforest jungles alone, but I think it is better to start from the beginning. Here in the city people are completely disconnected from nature, but for some reason I was born with this big sensibility

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Tales from the jungle

Tales from the Jungle is a new space on my website where I will be sharing my experiences related with my passion for nature, biology, and conservation. I will be sharing my experiences in the field, both working on conservation projects and on my adventures through several jungles and countries looking for animals to photograph. There is always a story behind each picture and all these experiences behind the scenes, are the which ones that make us grow as a photographer but also, and more importantly

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The world of small

El Mundo de lo pequeño, es un libro donde vas a poder descubrir algunas de las adaptaciones y comportamientos más increíbles del mundo natural. A través de impactantes imágenes de estos pequeños animales con los que compartimos el planeta y textos donde podrás descubrir que muchas de las innovaciones humanas ya existían en la naturaleza.
240 páginas, 170 imágenes, 2 idiomas (Inglés/Español)