Saimiri Foundation of Costa Rica, was established on April 18, 2010, with the objective of rescuing, preserving and protecting the natural resources of Costa Rica, specifically non-human primates and those located in the Osa Peninsula, from environmental threats and anthropogenic.

Timbó films is a documentary content producer specialized in nature, conservation, environment and society.

Non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 1999, dedicated to the conservation of nature

The Argentine Association of Nature Photographers (AFONA) is a national non-profit organization that works on the development of nature photography as a tool for raising awareness, conservation and artistic dissemination. It was officially born in Puerto Madryn in 2019 and brings together photographers from all over the country to pursue the following objectives:

1 Promote the development of nature photography.
2 Foster the protection of nature and the natural values ​​of each region, using photography as a tool for the preparation and publication of outreach material.
3 Ensure that the activity carried out by nature photographers, whether or not they are members of the association, is carried out taking care of ethical standards of respect for living beings and their respective natural habitats.
4 Foster cultural exchange and interaction between associates and with similar associations.
5 Collaborate with scientific entities providing data of interest that may have been obtained through nature photography.
6 Promote activities that promote education and / or dissemination to the general public, in order to raise awareness on issues of preservation of natural environments and their populations.
7 To raise awareness about conservation issues of natural environments and their populations.
8 Generate activities aimed at the development of photography as a fundamental activity for the conservation of the natural environment.
9 Reach passage authorizations and / or special permits that enable active members to enter protected natural areas, in order to register their flora, fauna and the natural environment.
10 Establish relationships with organizations, institutions and private entities that produce concrete benefits for the association.
11 Establish links with other associations of photographers with the aim of exchanging knowledge, needs and projects that promote the activity.
12 To reach economic resources necessary to achieve these ends, specifically declaring the exclusion of any lucrative purpose among the purposes of the association.
13 Carry out, in general, as many lawful acts as are necessary to achieve the proposed purposes.