Survival in the natural world has always proved to be a complex task, generating enormous creative potential; it has been the architect of unusual strategies and adaptations.

These pages are an invitation to appreciate a world often unknown, the world of arthropods, discovering its beauty, its complexity and some attractive aspects of their lives, as happen to be some of their strategies for survival and reproduction. This knowledge will help us to see the sense of their behavior and reflect on its importance as living beings, and allowing us to extend this estimate to the rest of the life forms that inhabit every corner of our vast and wonderful planet.

Because of the smallness of these animals and the limitations of our own biology, which prevents us from seeing at first glance certain details, we use technical means such as macro photography to reveal an infinite set of structures, functions and colors, adventuring and overcoming limits crossed by any author of fiction. Exploring and experiencing an approach to the behavior of arthropods, the interstices of this amazing and almost imperceptible universe remain exposed.

Conservation of these beings is essential to ensure the existence of an intricate network supported by complex relationships, which allow the fragile balance of life and, therefore, our existence. This could be enough to consider their protection, however, there is another aspect that adds importance to conservation: the intrinsic value of life. That is, that it exceeds expressions based on valuations and earnings for the human being, to open scenarios in which the manifestation of life is a value in itself.

The intent of this book and this particular approach is to transmit the fascination that has always caused me Nature, especially the world of small, to share, to spread it and counter, to some extent, the negative connotation involving arthropods when a sense of fear and uncertainty of the unknown prevails in us.

The goal of the texts that follow aims to add descriptions of some of the behaviors or striking features that help discover in greater depth these fantastic beings. Therefore, although the information provided has scientific validity, it is not a technical book about them, considering the poetic license that I have taken at the time of speaking of some, especially evolutionary, concepts. Evolution, whose main mechanism is natural selection, works mostly over mutations and characteristics that originate at random, taking from them the most adapted to the environment, at the time and in the space in which they arose.


“Cynthia Bandurek is one of the most sensitive and committed insect theme-nature photographers that I have managed to know and that our country is surely fortunate to have. She has an exquisite fusion of scientific knowledge, human sensitivity, and explorer spirit. Her photographs transmit love to the natural world, respect and absolute dedication in each frame, an extensive knowledge of how to show the natural forms and functions of the small world, giving the viewer an experience of pleasure in each exquisite image without neglecting the plus to tell details of those small and no less valuable lives, as is the whole world of insects. I am proud and very pleased to be able to collaborate with her art from my technical knowledge in a different field like the VFX. Knowing her and her art has been a great visual and human experience in many ways and depths.”


“Your way of seeing has always been incredible, I always told you as a friend and as a teacher. Happy that this dream you have was captured in this wonderful book. A pleasure to have contributed that grain of sand so that now that dream becomes tangible. Thanks Cyn for the dedication. “The world of the small” by Cynthia Bandurek images and educational information of our planet companions. Do not miss it.”


“From a first glance and without paying attention to the story, you are caught by the photos inviting the eye to look for the secrets of these tiny creatures.
Then, the story offers the secrets that hide colors and shapes, interpreting each strategy and tactic according to the needs of each species.
The value of the work is artistic … from the eye via the lens to the paper and then to the eye of the spectator transmitting feelings and situations. But also proposes coexistence, learning and understanding of the strange, the need to evolve.
Thank you for opening the door to the world of the small.”


“The World of the Small. A highly recommended book of great photographic and editorial quality, which should not be missed in the library of every naturalist. The protagonists of this book were captured with a high degree of sensitivity and professionalism by a passionate about Natural Sciences. Each photograph taken, shows the beauty hidden by the small animals that live with us, and that, even if they do not look like it, are our smallest companions in the path of life. Some may seem terrible, others majestic, but all useful in our complex ecosystem. We could not live without them, they are part of our natural world, and that is what this book shows with art and pleasure. Without further ado, I congratulate Cynthia Bandurek, a friend and colleague, for showing everyone what  goes unnoticed in nature”


“The photographs of Cynthia Bandurek take the world widely unknown and (therefore) feared of the arthropods and tell us, from hundreds of stories, the magic of these bugs. Almost like fractals, the approach to each one is infinite. And as we get closer each time, the fear we culturally carry gets further and further away: we see what they really are, but our human eyes cannot see. We see the perfection of their colors, antennae, eyes, wings, and thus we also see their valuable function in the natural world”

The World of Small is a book where you will be able to discover some of the most incredible adaptations and behaviors in the natural world. Through shocking images of these small animals with whom we share the planet and texts where you can discover that many of the human innovations already existed in nature.
240 pages, 170 images, 2 languages (English / Spanish)