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Naturalist, Ecology Technician, Nature Photographer, Wildlife Artist. Passionate about life, biology, evolution and neurosciences. Author and Editor of the Book: “The world of the Small: an approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual and evolutionary perspective”. Contributing editor for Argentina of Paws Trails Explorers.

Museo Salvaje Exhibition


From November 16 to December 29, will be open the #MuseoSalvaje Exhibition in the Lucy Mattos Museum. An Exhibition organized with Bosques Nativos Argentinos Fundation, with the aim to show the Argentinian Biodiversity, to take awareness about our Natural Heritage. I have the honor

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Macrophotography Workshop


If you like photography and nature, you already have a plan for Saturday, November 23! 📸 MACROPHOTOGRAPHY Workshop with Cynthia Bandurek 😯 Techniques and secrets to achieve excellent macro shots of flora and fauna 🐜 👏🏻 Cynthia Bandurek Art and Photography about Nature She

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Photography and Art Exhibition #MuseoSalvaje in Lucy Mattos Museum


We inaugurate the exhibition #MuseoSalvaje with incredible photographs by Cynthia Bandurek, Agustín Esmoris and Francisco Rebollo. Paz Wonderful photographers, fundamental links to get to know our native Argentine forests and our biodiversity. If you want to attend the show you have to register, without

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Her Views and Visuals – Paws Trails Exploreres Magazine


Cynthia Bandurek is an Argentinian Biologist (Ecology), Field Naturalist, Nature photographer and wildlife artist. Cynthia is PT Explorers’ Contributing Editor for South America https://cynthiabandurek.com https://www.instagram.com/ cynthiabandurek_artphotography/ How did your interest for wildlife arise? I think the interest in wildlife is innate in me. Since

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