I am an Ecologist, Field Naturalist, Wildlife Conservation Photographer and Wildlife Artist



I was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. Since I was a child I have been enthralled by nature. At a very young age I first evidenced a gift for drawing and sports, while drawing and painting was developed spontaneously through self-study. Sports I undertook mainly during my childhood and adolescence, training for gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

Being a sports woman since age 6, I have shaped my personality which is based on discipline, effort and permanent spirit of improvement.

After High School years, led by my innate passion, I decided to undertake Ecology and Environmental Studies followed by the career of Field Naturalist. Meanwhile, I also rediscovered music (which I had also studied in my childhood) now focusing on the guitar. Simultaneously, I resumed the practice of sports, becoming a dancer and acrobat.

I discovered Photography, which later became a core part of my life and an essential tool to transmit my knowledge and values of the natural world

While pursuing the career of Naturalist, I discovered Photography, which later became a core part of my life and an essential tool to transmit my knowledge and values of the natural world. I particularly specialized in macro photography and my most outstanding portraits are on arthropods and amphibians.

Many years now devoting myself to Conservation Projects, I worked for more than eleven years at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences ‘Bernardino Rivadavia’. Then I´ve worked at Darwinion Botanical Institute. I am teaching photography lessons and practicing sports as a hobby. A reading fan, I am also impassioned with biological evolution and Neurosciences.

In September 2017 I published my first book “The world of the small: an approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual and evolutionary perspective”

In January 2021, I moved to Costa Rica to pursue work in Conservation Biology and Conservation Visual Storytelling.

I am offering Private Mentorships and Macro Workshops in Costa Rica.

I am part of the team of :

Paws Trails Explorers (Correspondent editor for South América) http://www.pawstrails.com/

Objetivo Natural. Magazine for Nature Photographers. http://objetivonatural.com/

Bimestral, Art with Social Responsability http://www.bimestral.com/

Nature First Photography. Since may of 2020 I am ambassador or community advocates for Nature First. The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography.

Nature Photographers Network as an Event Coordinator since July 2023. https://www.naturephotographers.network

I was a Member of the Jury at:
  • F2 Cities 2020, International Photographic Salon . Category Nature. F2 Sociedad fotográfica. FIAP Patronage, PSA Recognition, GPU License.
  • Anual Salon of Photographic Art N° 62, Condor Salon of Federación Argentina de Fotografía. FIAP Patronage, PSA Recognition.
  • F2 / V SALÓN ANUAL DE ARTE FOTOGRÁFICO. 2021. Patrocinio de la Federación Argentina de Fotografía Nº 2021 / 09. www.faf-fotografia.com.ar
  • Premios Yaguareté. 2021. Invertebrates Category
  • AFONA, Photography Contest. 2021. Invertebrates category
  • 2023 Photo Contest Fundraiser. Cameras For Girls. 2023
  • 2023 The Nature Photo Contest