Cynthia is an Conservationist Ecologist, Field Naturalist, Nature Photographer and Wildlife Artist

Cynthia´s story

Cynthia was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. Since she was a child she has been enthralled by nature. At a very young age she first evidenced her gift for drawing and sports, while drawing and painting was developed spontaneously through self-study. Sports she undertook mainly during her childhood and adolescence, training for gymnastics and synchronized swimming.

Being a sports woman since age 6, she has shaped her personality which is based on discipline, effort and permanent spirit of improvement.

After her High School years, led by her innate passion, Cynthia decided to undertake Ecology and Environmental Studies followed by the career of Field Naturalist. Meanwhile, she also rediscovered music (which she had also studied in her childhood) now focusing on the guitar. Simultaneously, she resumed the practice of sports, becoming a dancer and acrobat.

While pursuing the career of Naturalist, Cynthia discovered Photography, which later became a core part of her life and an essential tool to transmit her knowledge and values of the natural world. She particularly specialized in macrophotography and her most outstanding portraits are on arthropods.

Many years now devoting herself to Conservation Projects, Cynthia worked for more than eleven years at the Argentine Museum of Natural Sciences ‘Bernardino Rivadavia’. Now She is working at Darwinion Botanical Institute. She is teaching photography lessons and practicing sports as a hobby. A reading fan, she is also impassioned with biological evolution and Neurosciences.

In September 2017 she published her first book “The world of the small: an approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual and evolutionary perspective”

She is part of the team of :

Paws Trails Explorers (Correspondent editor for South América)

Objetivo Natural. Magazine for Nature Photographers.

Bimestral, Art with Social Responsability

Since may of 2020 Cynthia is ambassador or community advocates for Nature First. The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography.

She was a Member of the Jury at:

* F2 Cities 2020, International Photographic Salon . Category Nature. F2 Sociedad fotográfica. FIAP Patronage, PSA Recognition, GPU License.

* Anual Salon of Photographic Art N° 62, Condor Salon of  Federación Argentina de Fotografía. FIAP Patronage, PSA Recognition.