Macro Photography in Nature. An ethical approach to this technique.

Take advantage of the Launch Promo, and get the Macro Photography ebook + The world of small book! ou will learn about the technique but also about the amazing world of small. 

Pack: Macro Photography in Nature + The World of Small • Cynthia Bandurek


An E-book where  you will find all the necessary to immerse yourself in this amazing world of small


What can you expect to learn?

Macro photography in nature

How to master the technique

What is macro Photography

Kinds of macro photography


How to calculate the magnification ratio

The complexities of the technique and how to overcome them



Ethics, conservation, and storytelling


The world of small. An approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual and evolutionary perspective

These pages are an invitation to appreciate a world often unknown, the world of arthropods, discovering its beauty, its complexity and some attractive aspects of their lives, as happen to be some of their strategies for survival and reproduction. This knowledge will help us to see the sense of their behavior and reflect on its importance as living beings, and allowing us to extend this estimate to the rest of the life forms that inhabit every corner of our vast and wonderful planet.

Because of the smallness of these animals and the limitations of our own biology, which prevents us from seeing at first glance certain details, we use technical means such as macro photography to reveal an infinite set of structures, functions and colors, adventuring and overcoming limits crossed by any author of fiction. Exploring and experiencing an approach to the behavior of arthropods, the interstices of this amazing and almost imperceptible universe remain exposed.


Lightroom Presets – Macro Wild – Small Collection

Are you ready to take your photos to the next level? With just one click you can apply the exact settings on your editing that I use myself for all my macro wildlife photos but that doesnt mean that you can aply them to a diferent kind of work.

The small collection includes 8 presets that perfectly fits my style of editing that you now can get access to for both your computer and your phone.