“Cynthia Bandurek was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. She studied at the Argentine School of Naturalists and is currently working at the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales” Bernardino Rivadavia “in the area of ​​Museology and Design.

In this institution she acts by participating in the design and
set-up of the exhibition halls, restoring the material and curating samples of art and nature.

With the passing of time he embraced photography as an activity specializing particularly in macro photography, and his best-portrayed characters are minuscule, insects (Figure 1-2). It is also part of the team of the Natural Object Magazine that brings together photographers and nature lovers with the aim of spreading and promoting the conservation of nature.

When she receives me in her office, Cynthia tells me excitedly that she has just received news about the progress of her editorial project, which she will tell us in detail in this note. He speaks and in his eyes an unmistakable expression awakens, that of those people who love what they do. “Pablo Mullieri.