I was thinking what would be, the first story in this new section on my website dedicated to sharing my experiences and the “behind the scenes” in the wild but also sharing my knowledge about the natural world.

I have a lot of stories from my last adventures exploring the tropical rainforest jungles alone, but I think it is better to start from the beginning.

Here in the city people are completely disconnected from nature, but for some reason I was born with this big sensibility about the natural world. Since I was a child, I was in love with animals and I was aware of the harm we as human beings produce in the planet.

I am an avid reader since childhood, and one day I found an article in a magazine speaking about the planet situation. And that was the key, because after reading that I could line up all my passion in a same plane, and at that moment I was completely sure what will be my way in this life. I started to read a lot of books about ecology and biology even when I was in elementary school.

Also, my artistic side came with me, I discovered the paper, pencils and brushes and the magic to create with them since I was a little child. I think is part of my genetic heritage because my grandfather was an artist.  I spent lots of hours in my childhood painting and drawing, but the most striking part of that, is that I always painted animals and nature. Apparently, my passion was strong.

So, after high school, I decided to study Ecology and then the Naturalist course of studies. All this knowledge allowed me to participate in several Conservation Projects. I will share my experiences in the field in a new chapter of this collection of tales. But for now, I can tell you that in the middle of my second course of studies I discovered photography, and that event changed my life. Photography is not only a lifestyle but is also the best tool I found to spread my knowledge about the natural world and create awareness about the planet situation. I believe that photography as an art has the power to touch the nerve that would be difficult to achieve with other methods. But I also think that one striking picture combined with a great message and good information can have even more impact. Because for me, Conservation Photography is about creating a connection between people and nature, an emotional but also an intellectual plane, because knowledge always makes the difference.