Cynthia Bandurek – La Nación Newspaper – Travel with an objective

Travel with an objective by Julieta Bilik At the beginning, photography was a method that allowed her to have a record of the species she researched as an ecologist and naturalist. But now it is her passion. Cynthia Bandurek

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Costa Rica Through The Eyes of a Naturalist! by Cynthia Bandurek

Cynthia is an Argentinian biologist, wildlife artist, and nature photographer. In February and March 2018 she visited Costa Rica for 32 days exploring and photographing in private nature reserves, wildlife refuges and five locations of a National Park. Cynthia

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Interview. Cynthia Bandurek – Macrophotography, The details of the minimum

MACROPHOTOGRAPHY, THE DETAIL OF THE MINIMUM INTERVIEW. Cynthia Bandurek by Patas y Patitas. Macro photography is a technique that allows us to discover all the details of the huge tiny world that surrounds us. Cynthia (Bandurek), by combining her

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