Ecological stories

Beyond the limits of our imagination, there still remains a vast field of inspiration that grows at the rate of  evolution, a landscape of endless surprises that shows itself immeasurable before us in the world of the small. We are still slowly knowing the first million of that substantial source of forms and functions, of that laboratory that seems that has already tried everything.

A fascinating path which we have been part since the beginning of our species and will remain as long as our curiosity incites us to understand the infinite expression in which the cycles of life are immersed. Life that opens before us expanding constantly this vast ocean of knowledge, a wonderful adventure we undertake to observe the world of small.


Perpetuating life

Perpetuating life Reproduction is the function of living beings that allows the continuity of species and the multiplication of living beings in ecosystems. It should be said that reproduction is not elementary for an individual to survive, but it is for a species to remain on earth. Weevil


Hunting behaviors

Hunting behaviors As happens with big predators, in this small world we can find different strategies animals use to get their food. Some  can wait motionless and hidden until the prey approaches. Others can actively pursue potential prey or build traps like spider webs. It is amazing to discover the ways life finds


Maternal instinct

Maternal instict The world of small is full of strange cycles of life, some of them so weird that seem out of a movie of science fiction, but there are also sweet moments and behaviors, and one of them is "maternal instinct". There are several insects and also spiders that have this kind


Creepy stories

Creepy stories The diversity and the most varied relationships of forms are the result of their interactions with the environment and their various situations. This constant and never ending race of living beings to dispute a place in the conquest of life has enabled Nature to unfold infinite variants in every situation, since



Mimicry And in this skill of simulation, mimicry appears, which happens when an animal copies another one’s  strategy, uses it as a model. It is, for example, the case of animals that are not poisonous, but mimic the coloration of those who are, avoiding predators when making them to believe they are unfit



Crypsis In this race for survival, some of our players developed the ability to go unnoticed both to their predators, in some cases, as to their preys, in others. This capability, which allows them to complete their life cycle to many of them, is called crypsis or cryptic coloration, and gives the individual