From the depths of my childhood, a profound sensitivity to the wonders of the natural world has always coursed through my veins. It’s an inexplicable connection that, since my earliest days, has ignited a deep resonance within me whenever the tapestry of life takes a somber turn for any creature, great or small. This empathetic thread, woven into the very fabric of my being, draws me closer to the heartbeat of the earth.

In those tender years, I sought solace and expression in the embrace of art. Alone in my room, I discovered an intuitive calling to convey my profound love for nature through the strokes of pencils and the dance of colors on paper. Each sketch and painting became a silent symphony, echoing my emotions and capturing the essence of the living beings that inhabit our shared world.

To confess, I feel the enchantment of art coursing through my veins—an ethereal inheritance, a gift passed down through the magic of genetics. The artistic lineage flows from my grandfather and his brother, both kindred spirits who left an indelible mark on Paraguay’s art history. Their echoes resonate in the strokes of my brush and the lines of my sketches, a testament to the enduring legacy of passion and creativity that binds us across generations.

My profound connection with nature ignited a passion that steered me towards the dual pursuit of two captivating careers intertwined with the intricate tapestry of life and Biology: Ecology, and Field Naturalist. The profound knowledge gleaned from these pursuits became the compass guiding me through Conservation projects in the breathtaking landscapes of Argentina.

Despite a fleeting departure from pencils and brushes after my childhood, my journey took an unexpected turn during the pursuit of my second career as a Field Naturalist. A serendipitous encounter with an alternative course at my university, centered on the art of drawing animals and plants as an indispensable tool for a naturalist, reignited the flame of creativity within me. In that moment, the fusion of scientific understanding and artistic expression became a powerful catalyst, intertwining the realms of academia and artistry in a harmonious dance.

This reunion with the world of art wasn’t just a rediscovery; it was a soul-stirring reawakening. The strokes of my pencil became a testament to the intricate beauty I witnessed in the natural world, capturing the essence of life with every line. This unexpected convergence of my scientific endeavors and artistic pursuits imbued my journey with a renewed sense of purpose and emotion, forging a path where the love for nature and the artistry of the naturalist seamlessly converged.

Another chapter unfolded in my second career—the revelation of nature photography and the enchanting realm of macro photography. This discovery opened up a new avenue into the world of art, providing me with a fresh canvas to vividly convey my profound passion and love for nature. In the delicate dance between the click of the camera shutter and the intricate details captured through macro lenses, a symphony of emotions blossomed.

Photography and art, in their seamless interplay, became symbiotic forces, nurturing each other within the depths of my mind and heart. Each snapshot, a brushstroke on the canvas of my life, wove together a visual narrative that transcended words. It wasn’t merely about freezing moments in time; it was about encapsulating the very essence of nature’s poetry, the subtle nuances that elicit awe and reverence.

This visual journey became more than a personal exploration; it transformed into a powerful means to share my fervor and raise awareness about the fragile state of the natural world. Through the lens, I found a voice—a silent yet resonant declaration of my concerns, a visual testament to the beauty that hung in the balance. In every photograph, there echoed an emotional plea, a call to action to safeguard the sanctity of the environment that inspired me.

Photography became not just a hobby but a conduit for emotion, a way to channel my love for nature into a medium that transcended the boundaries of language. It became my visual manifesto, a testament to the fragile beauty that demanded our attention and protection.

In the tapestry of my childhood, I wielded colored pencils and embraced the vibrant strokes of tempera paintings to depict the wonders of nature. However, as fate rekindled my connection with art, I embarked on a transformative journey, delving into a rich tapestry of diverse mediums and techniques. A kaleidoscope of artistic exploration unfolded before me, each medium serving as a portal to a unique realm of expression.

With the fervor of a rekindled passion, I immersed myself in the luscious textures of oil painting, capturing the essence of my subjects with every brushstroke. Acrylics brought a dynamic vibrancy to my palette, while graphite allowed me to etch the intricate details of the natural world with precision and grace. Watercolors, with their fluidity, introduced a delicate dance of hues, and chalk pastels added a soft, velvety touch to my artistic repertoire.

Each of these mediums became more than tools; they evolved into portals, gateways to new realms of expression that resonated with the depths of my emotions. Different techniques but always the same love and passion for the natural world. In embracing this spectrum of artistic expression, I discovered that each medium held a unique language, a nuanced way of articulating the emotions and stories embedded in the natural world.

In the bold leap of 2021, I made the decision to cast aside the familiar and embrace an entirely new chapter, choosing to immerse myself in the natural wonders of Costa Rica. My life in this enchanting country has taken on a nomadic rhythm, and in response to this dynamic existence, I’ve honed my artistic focus on watercolors and graphite— mediums that seamlessly accompany me on this journey of exploration.

Costa Rica, with its lush landscapes and vibrant biodiversity, has become both my muse and my canvas. The fluidity of watercolors captures the essence of the ever-changing scenery, while the precision of graphite allows me to etch the intricate details of this tropical paradise onto paper. In the dance between pigments and strokes, I find a reflection of the diverse tapestry of life that surrounds me.

The nomadic nature of my life here has dictated the practicality of my artistic choices. Watercolors and graphite, chosen not just for their portability but also for their ability to encapsulate the soul of my surroundings, have become my artistic companions. Each stroke tells a story of a place, a moment, and an emotion, a visual diary of my journey through the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica.

Embracing the challenge of mastering watercolors, I’ve delved into online courses, seeking to deepen my understanding of this captivating medium. It’s not just about wielding a brush; it’s about unlocking the secrets of water and pigment, about translating the vibrancy of the tropics onto paper.

Mediums may evolve, and life itself can undergo transformations, yet the constant driving force behind my artistic endeavors remains unwavering: an enduring love for nature. It is this profound connection with the natural world that fuels my passion for both art and photography, infusing each creation with an emotion-laden resonance that transcends the ebb and flow of change.