Photography and Art Exhibition #MuseoSalvaje in Lucy Mattos Museum

We inaugurate the exhibition #MuseoSalvaje with incredible photographs by Cynthia Bandurek, Agustín Esmoris and Francisco Rebollo. Paz Wonderful photographers, fundamental links to get to know our native Argentine forests and our biodiversity. If you want to attend the show

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Her Views and Visuals – Paws Trails Exploreres Magazine

Cynthia Bandurek is an Argentinian Biologist (Ecology), Field Naturalist, Nature photographer and wildlife artist. Cynthia is PT Explorers’ Contributing Editor for South America https://cynthiabandurek.com https://www.instagram.com/ cynthiabandurek_artphotography/ How did your interest for wildlife arise? I think the interest in wildlife

Make the Invisible visible – Talk in Interantional Nature Photographers Encounter – Formosa – Argentina

In august I will be giving a talk about my job as a macrophotographer, joining my main profession as a Biologist (ecology) and field naturalist with one of my passion: photography. Using it as a tool for nature conservation.

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Part of “The Macro Trails” – a photography exhibition in DUBAI by Paws Trails Explorers

“The Macro Trails” is a photography exhibition showcasing 21 magical macro frames by 21 artists from across the world. Opening Night: 7:30 PM, 20th December, Thursday Show timing: 21st – 22nd December, 10:00AM-8:00PM Venue: Fine Art Gallery, Dubai

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Cynthia Bandurek – La Nación Newspaper – Travel with an objective

Travel with an objective by Julieta Bilik At the beginning, photography was a method that allowed her to have a record of the species she researched as an ecologist and naturalist. But now it is her passion. Cynthia Bandurek

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Costa Rica Through The Eyes of a Naturalist! by Cynthia Bandurek

Cynthia is an Argentinian biologist, wildlife artist, and nature photographer. In February and March 2018 she visited Costa Rica for 32 days exploring and photographing in private nature reserves, wildlife refuges and five locations of a National Park. Cynthia

My pictures in The Play Station in Tandil – Darwin Rout Exhibition

My pictures as a part of activity where the child learn to illustrate in The Playstation in Tandil – Darwin Route Exhibition. UNICEN – Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e innovación de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

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Interview. Cynthia Bandurek – Macrophotography, The details of the minimum

MACROPHOTOGRAPHY, THE DETAIL OF THE MINIMUM INTERVIEW. Cynthia Bandurek by Patas y Patitas. Macro photography is a technique that allows us to discover all the details of the huge tiny world that surrounds us. Cynthia (Bandurek), by combining her

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Cynthia Bandurek Interview – Boletin Sociedad Entomológica Argentina

CYNTHIA BANDUREK INTERVIEW “Cynthia Bandurek was born in Buenos Aires in 1977. She studied at the Argentine School of Naturalists and is currently working at the Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales” Bernardino Rivadavia “in the area of ​​Museology and

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The first years. by Cynthia Bandurek – Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

“Cynthia Bandurek, someone who combines art, science and esthetics. Ecologist and field naturalist, Cynthia has since seven years ago devoted herself to capturing nature with a particular sensitivity through her photographs and paintings, thus bringing the public closer to