Cynthia Bandurek by Emilio Villarino. Argentime Magazine n°90

CYNTHIA BANDUREK Ecologist and field naturalist, Cynthia has since seven years ago devoted herself to capturing nature with a particular sensitivity through her photographs and paintings, thus bringing the public closer to little known and yet astounding aspects. She

Cynthia Bandurek Interview – Birding Murcia Magazine

CYNTHIA BANDUREK My life, a passion Cynthia Bandurek develops his life with passion and immersed in the art, science and aesthetics, with nature as a nexus of union. Through his photographs, Cynthia seeks to enjoy the privilege to closely

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Cynthia Bandurek. Moving From School to the Museum – Aves Argentinas magazine

Tracing some of the Escuela Argentina de Naturalistas (Argentina Naturalists School – EAN) graduates, we arrive at the historic and prestigious Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales ‘Bernardino Rivadavia’ in order to discover the work of Cynthia Bandurek, someone who

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Promenade en Imágenes – Dínamo Cultura Magazine

Photographer Cynthia Bandurek explores an odd and amazing universe. Insects and fungi which mesmerize due to their complexity and beauty. In charge of November´s gallery at Revista Dínamo, Cynthia Bandurek has an interest for the natural world and its

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