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Discovering the little inventions of nature

As humans, we have always been fascinated with the universe and the vastness of space. However, what if I told you that an entirely new universe is waiting to be discovered? Macro photography is a technique that allows us to enter a new universe, to capture small things in great detail. By magnifying the

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The Magic World Hidden Costa Rica’s Tropical Lowland Rainforests – Paws Trails

Making a dream come true. In January 2021, I moved from my home in Buenos Aires Argentina to Costa Rica to live in the tropical rainforests. Moving from a densely populated urban environment to the lush tropical rain forest on the Gulf Dulce coast of the Pacific Ocean was a dream come true. I

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Spiders – Amazing World of Eight legged Animals – Paws Trails

I enjoy photographing spiders. However, spiders usually produce an revulsion in most people, but if we start to know them a little more, surely our perception of these living beings will be slowly replaced by respect and admiration. Spiders belong to the subphylum Chelicerata. They are characterized by having four pairs of legs –

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The Hoppers – Paws Trails Explorers

Hoppers are a fascinating group of minute insects that have a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The hoppers belong to the Hemiptera Order, and common names include tree hoppers, plant hoppers, leaf hoppers, cicadas, and true bugs. Most species of hoppers are great jumpers, and almost all are terrestrial and feed on

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Glass Frogs – Paws Trails Explorers

Charismatic and enigmatic, the glass frogs (Centrolenidae) are one of the highlights when you visit the rainforest of Central and South America. They have an amazing characteristic; a translucent skin that makes their insides visible. Simply looking through their underbelly gives a view of their intestines, lungs, and sometimes even their beating heart. Most

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Arthropods Conservation – Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

Arthropods are declining in abundance, biomass, and biodiversity worldwide. There is data and anecdotal evidence reflecting the declining of several species or group of species, but the global decline is still unquantified. There are several reasons why arthropods are declining: * Habitat loss * Pollution by synthetic pesticides * Industrial pollution * Light and

Conservation – Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

For the Volume 22, of Paws Trails Magazine, I have the honor to write the editorial, and present an article about the critical situation amphibians are facing worldwide, illustrated with the photos I was abe to take in Ecuador in July 2019. You can enjoy all the amazing content in the following link: http://www.pawstrails.com/magazine/editions/edition-22/

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Argentina Ambiental Magazine

As a result of a beautiful initiative of Tomas Thibaud called #miramifototipstom, I obtained the first place in a Special Contest within this proposal based to share knowledge, art and specially images of nature to help its conservation. The result of the Contest and the features of this amazing project were published in the

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Tiny Biodiversity – Argentina Photo Nature Magazine

Thanks @argentina_photo_nature for this beautiful article! Here, I wrote about the two amazing experiences I had travelling alone doing photography in the magical rainforests of Costa Rica and Ecuador...the different situations I had to face while I was looking for animals to photograph and the extreme weather condition, among other beautiful experiences. The complete

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Travelogue – Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

Today is online the 20th edition of Paws Trails Explorers. And in this number we published an article about my incredible solo trip for Ecuador within its amazing rainforest, Chocó and Amazonian. An unforgetable trip photographing its biodiversity but also knowing its people and its culture from inside. Ecuador again thanks for giving me

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Her Views and Visuals – Paws Trails Exploreres Magazine

Cynthia Bandurek is an Argentinian Biologist (Ecology), Field Naturalist, Nature photographer and wildlife artist. Cynthia is PT Explorers’ Contributing Editor for South America https://cynthiabandurek.com https://www.instagram.com/ cynthiabandurek_artphotography/ How did your interest for wildlife arise? I think the interest in wildlife is innate in me. Since I can remember, I felt attracted to nature and I

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Editor´s Den Paws Trails Explorers Magazine

As a woman involved in conservation projects and nature photography for more than a decade, I have the honor to present this issue of PT Explorers magazine. This issue is dedicated to the special women, who in their special ways contribute to environmental awareness and wildlife conservation. The articles in this edition are but

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Cynthia Bandurek – La Nación Newspaper – Travel with an objective

Travel with an objective by Julieta Bilik At the beginning, photography was a method that allowed her to have a record of the species she researched as an ecologist and naturalist. But now it is her passion. Cynthia Bandurek is 41 years old and has been taking pictures of nature for more than ten

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Costa Rica Through The Eyes of a Naturalist! by Cynthia Bandurek

Cynthia is an Argentinian biologist, wildlife artist, and nature photographer. In February and March 2018 she visited Costa Rica for 32 days exploring and photographing in private nature reserves, wildlife refuges and five locations of a National Park. Cynthia is a Contributing Editor of PT Explorers. As a naturalist and lover of biodiversity, I

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Book Presentation

Presentation Of  the Book “The world of the small” in The José Hernández Folk Art Museum. THE WORLD OF SMALL: An approach to the universe of arthropods from an artistic, visual, and evolutionary perspective. © By Cynthia Bandurek Survival in the natural world has always proved to be a complex task, generating enormous creative

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